Our generation is characterized by the growing role of women in different life aspects. Accordingly, Retrieve Center, in Specialized Medical Center Hospital has given a special care to women health and beauty. We offer the best plastic and aesthetic services applied by distinguished surgeons and doctors, and our treatments are effective and safe. What backs up Retrieve Center, is the fact that it is supported by a reputable hospital that has excellent doctors, and attained international health care quality certifications.

Our services include: face and neck lifting, nose cosmetic-rhinoplasty , blepharoplasty and reconstructive surgeries, breast plastic , abdomen, arms, and thigh lifting, liposuction, and body sculpture using the most advanced technology worldwide ”VASER Hi Def ”.

Retrieve Center also includes aesthetic and dermatology clinics which offer various medical dermatology treatments: botox for wrinkles, different kinds of fillers for aesthetic purposes, and mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation, hair loss, and lipolysis. We also offer aesthetic laser services for the scars’ treatment, skin pigmentation, laser hair removal, and telangiectasias.

Also, Specialized Medical Center Hospital is a pioneer in providing Anti-Aging Medicine services in Saudi Arabia. The clinic services include executive check-ups characterized by genetic testing that provides personalized prevention against familial and chronic diseases. It also offers tests for weight loss, nutritional assessment, and hormonal, vitamins’, and minerals’ analysis.



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At Retrieve Skin and Aesthetic Center, you will find the best specialists in all the domains of skin care and beauty care. Please choose from the list below your desired service or services and you can book an appointment as well.

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