LASER Skin Aesthetic Treatments

Non-Surgical Skin Tightening: CUTE RA/TITAN Technology

An advanced effective non-invasive technology to treat wrinkles and to tighten loose skin without any surgical intervention. Very effective treatment for skin laxity happening after delivery or post weight loss.

Laser Peeling: YAG LASER Technology

Uses laser to rejuvenate skin and to treat the effects of sun exposure, dryness and aging. It utilizes certain laser frequencies to thermally treat affected areas while sparing the surrounding healthy skin. This technology also helps in skin tightening and in removal of telangiectasia in face and legs.

Tattoo Removal by Laser: Q-Switch – Won Cosjet Technology

Removes Tattoos without leaving any scar as conventional treatments would do. Q switch laser also treats acne, melasma, and skin hyperpigmentation.

Scars Laser Treatment: ECO2 Fractional Laser Technology

The most advanced laser technology to treat scars caused by acne, trauma or surgery. It is very effective and safe and results in a unified skin color.

Treatment of Striae: Carboxy Technology

It treats mainly the dark skin areas under eyes or on knees and elbows. It also treats striae induced by pregnancy or after losing weight. It is a safe and effective technology that fits all skin types.



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