Plastic Aesthetic Surgeries

Breast Aesthetic Surgery:

Breast aesthetic surgeries are one the most common plastic surgeries; they aim to improve the look of the beast, lift it, and/or resize it as in augmentation or reduction. The surgery may also aim at restoring breast symmetry in certain conditions. Breast reduction surgery is also done to men to treat gynecomastia. In certain conditions, Macrolane injections are used for breast or buttock augmentation.


It removes extra skin and fat from the lower abdomen area in addition to muscle tightening of the same area. This surgery is very effective for people having overweight problem or abdominal muscles weakness secondary to repetitive pregnancies and deliveries or post major weight loss.


The nose has a major role in shaping the face and maybe subject to traumas. Rhinoplasty aims at reshaping the face by nose augmentation or reduction or removal of any visible nasal protrusions. Its goal is to attain a nose that is in shape with the whole face structure. Certain tip rhinoplasty surgeries can be done under local anesthesia.


It involves surgical treatment of eye lid wrinkles and removal of any eye lids fat deposits that may cause localized lid swelling.

Face Lifting:

Facial wrinkles usually start in the fourth decade and are associated with skin laxity reflecting the classical skin aging look. Face lifting is a surgical procedure to remove wrinkles in the face and neck by removing extra lax skin and the face will look young again.


Treats protruding as well as flat ears. A simple procedure that may treat a major psychological problem for many people with ear shape problems.

Burn Treatment and Reconstruction of Scars:

Surgical treatment of burns and their subsequent scars.

Classical Liposuction:

A simple and safe surgery that is done to remove at deposits that are usually resistant to sports and diet therapies.



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